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Testimonials from respected engineers and clients

by on Aug.29, 2012, under News

We added a page of some nice things that people we respect have to say about us and our services: Testimonials

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New, Improved LIVE – Session 8: Kyp Malone (of TV On The Radio & Rain Machine)

by on Jun.09, 2010, under News

June 9th: Our old friend Kyp Malone, one of the main forces behind both TV On The Radio and Rain Machine, returned to the Bay Area to work on a new duo record with Daron Key at New, Improved Recording last February. While he was in town, we asked him to grace our series with a few solo songs, which he did with unmatched passion and spirit. These are powerful songs, and you can download high-quality MP3s of them, as well as see video and photo footage of this very special session, the eighth in our series, at

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New, Improved, LIVE – Session 7 – Miles Kurosky (Beulah)

by on Apr.07, 2010, under News

April 7th: Miles Kurosky, the lead singer and main songwriter from the defunct band Beulah, is our special guest artist for New, Improved, LIVE – Session 7. Wanting to promote his first solo record, The Desert of Shallow Effects, he asked me to put together a surprise crack band for the session. I certainly surprised him, by assembling six of his former Beulah bandmates, to mark the first time we all played music together in roughly six years. You can download MP3s of the session, as well as see video and photo footage of the unique event at

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New, Improved, LIVE – Session 6 – Sleepy Sun

by on Jan.27, 2010, under News

We’re pleased to present Sleepy Sun as the band for New, Improved, LIVE – Session 6. Despite an overworked schedule and having a couple of members under the weather, they rocked hard and really killed it, all live in the same room! We’re pretty proud of these tracks, which you can find here: Hopefully some videos are to follow soon.

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New, Improved, LIVE – Session 5 – Thao Nguyen

by on Nov.19, 2009, under News

November 18th: The band for New, Improved, LIVE – Session 5 is Thao with The Get Down Stay Down! San Francisco resident Thao Nguyen and bandmates graced our studio before kicking off their fall tour to promote their new record, Know Better Learn Faster, out now on Kill Rock Stars. Listen to songs from this record (and others) recorded live at New, Improved Recording in October, up now at There are also a couple of nifty videos up there courtesy of Pandora.

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New, Improved, LIVE – Session 4 – Port O'Brien

by on Sep.23, 2009, under News

Just released: New, Improved, LIVE – Session 4. Port O’Brien is this month’s band, and we were really impressed with their songs, as well as with their cover of Beyonce’s song Halo! Hear that and more at Also, by the way, Yoni Wolf’s N,I,L videos are now up at Pandora; here is the link to “Eskimo Snow”, one of the songs off of WHY?’s new record, which coincidentally came out yesterday!

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New, Improved, LIVE – Session 3 – Yoni Wolf

by on Aug.05, 2009, under News

New, Improved, LIVE – Session 3 is up! The inimitable Yoni Wolf (from anticon’s WHY?) plays a rare solo set (well, almost – he had help on one song from our very own John Finkbeiner on guitar). Four MP3s and a slew of photos are up now at, and the video is to come soon at…

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New, Improved, LIVE – Session 2 – Citay

by on Jul.01, 2009, under News

Brand spanking new N,I,L session is released today: Citay. The great 7-piece SF-based band came in and rocked us with four songs, including a Sweet cover! Check out the MP3s of the session here. Videos are soon to follow at, stay tuned…

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Pandora co-presents new Deerhoof videos!

by on Jun.03, 2009, under News

Exciting news: Pandora will now be co-presenting the video content of our LIVE series. New Deerhoof  videos are up now! You can also see them at The Bay Bridged.

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New, Improved, LIVE – our new series

by on Apr.30, 2009, under News

Co-presented by, this is a new quasi-monthly series where we invite a band into the studio to capture a few live performances. We then release high-quality MP3s of the recordings, along with video and photo documentation of the event. The focus is on capturing and representing a moment in time, (and not on showcasing too much studio wizardry,) although we do hope the capabilities of the studio will be evident in the mixes.

See our page about it, or go directly to the content.

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