Amazing deals for renting the good stuff

by on Feb.15, 2009, under News

Stephen Jarvis, the premier gear rental guy in the Bay Area (possibly in the state), has a storage space in our building. He is now offering N,IR an exclusive, HUGELY discounted rate on tracking and mixing racks of vintage, high-quality gear. See below for a picture of the mixing rack, which houses an AMS dmx 15-80s delay, AMS rmx 16 reverb, Eventide SP2016 reverb, TC 2290 delay, Neve 33609C compressor/limiter, 2 Focusrite ISA131 dynamics processors, 4 dbx 902 de-essers, and an RCA BA6A compressor!!! All of this for only $150/day or $750/week! This is highly recommended if you’d like to take your mixes to the next level. Of course we like our own outboard gear quite a bit, but this is a rack full of history at an extraordinarily low rate, and we’re looking forward to many of our clients taking Stephen up on his generous offer. He also rents incredible mics and preamps, like the ELA M 251 microphone and GML/EAR chain used on Deerhoof’s vocals for the Offend Maggie album, or the AEA A440, Brauner VM-1, and Schoeps M222s used for a recent Ben Goldberg/Greg Cohen/Kenny Wolleson recording for the Tzadik label.

Rackful of recording history

Rackful of recording history

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