Rates and Deposits


New, Improved Recording’s studio day rate is $250 if booking a house engineer. Our house engineers charge their own day rate on top of that—the range tends to be from $300-500 for ten hours of work so check with your engineer for specifics. The ten hours includes an hour break for lunch, as well as any setup or breakdown necessary. Start and finish times are generally somewhat flexible and should be discussed with your engineer when your session gets booked.

If you absolutely need a shorter session, half-days are bookable. We much prefer to book full days, for obvious reasons.

The room rate if you bring your own knowledgeable, responsible, experienced engineer is $300, but they may be required to hire a house assistant to teach them the room. We reserve the right to deny the use of an engineer we feel is not capable of handling our equipment, and deposits are not refundable if your engineer does not meet our standards, so to be safe have your engineer come meet us a few weeks before your session for an “audition”.

As for digital storage, just bring a hard drive on the last day of the session.  We all know America has shitty infrastructure.  Despite living in the tech capitol of the world we’re still getting < 100mbs upload… so don’t count on the internet to be a valid means of getting your files.  Have you ever tried uploading 30GB+ of data without fiber?  It’s not a great way to spend your (non-billable) time.


Deposits are $100/day, due ASAP after the session is booked.  Your session is not confirmed until the deposit is received.

Deposits are non-refundable in case of a last-minute cancellation, barring emergencies.

The balance for the session is due at the end of the session (or at the end of the last day for multiple-day sessions). No analog or digital masters will be released until the full balance is received.