Hi, you’ve reached New, Improved Recording. We help bands make records, and we do it with lots of care and loads of nifty tools. Our house engineers have many decades of cumulative experience, and approach each project as a new opportunity to explore the mysterious and fantastic art of record production.

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A few words about our general philosophy
In a world moving towards a completely digital recording process, we chose to be a hybrid studio, incorporating the best that both analog and digital have to offer. Analog and digital each have their strengths, and in general we are decidedly non-dogmatic and practical about the whole issue. Most of our favorite records were recorded solely in analog, and we prefer starting records on the tape machine, but are comfortable and adept working in the digital environment. One thing that is important to understand is that the editing and manipulation possible in the digital realm is a mixed blessing, especially for bands on a budget. Just because you can fine-tune things down to the nearest hemidemisemiquaver doesn’t mean you always should.

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