People are nice

Nice words from a few of the artists, labels and engineers we’ve served:

“Well-represented in all the audio food groups, analog and digital, vintage and contemporary, N,IR has a broad mic selection, mic pres, compressors and specialty gear for creative and unusual applications. The rooms sound good; the atmosphere is warm, friendly and creatively conducive for realizing great recordings. I was very happy with the work we did there. N,IR delivers the goods.” - Oz Fritz, engineer/producer (Tom Waits, Bill Laswell, Ginger Baker, Iggy Pop, Herbie Hancock, The Ramones, Ornette Coleman)

“N,I.R. helped us through the final stages of our last record – with really incisive arrangement help, excellent mixing, and general encouragement. It wouldn’t have been finished without them – and when our next record is ready, we’ll be back.  A lot of places may have good gear, or a good live room, or someone who takes the time to listen to what you’re trying to accomplish musically and helps to further your goals – but N,I.R. has all three.” – Dee Shallows (Thee More Shallows)

“I’ve recorded at N,IR many times.  It has plenty of options in terms of set up and isolation, the gear is great, the rates are cheap, and the staff is hilarious.” - Ches Smith (Good For Cows, Xiu Xiu, Secret Chiefs 3, Mr. Bungle, Sean Hayes, Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog)

“I spent a year working on The Full Sun at N,IR and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I know it sounds goofy and cliched, but they helped me make my dream record. I’m already scheduled to go back in there for the next one. I couldn’t do it without them.” – Scott Pinkmountain (P.A.F., The Golden Bolts of Tone, Pink Mountain, Anthony Braxton)

“Throughout the years I have had numerous musicians writing me saying that they wanted to capture the same experience and sound that they had while listening to my records. Since 2003, I have referred them to New, Improved. Whether it’s the franticness of XBXRX, the ‘pop’ of Kit, or the party of Hawnay Troof, it’s been proven to me time and time again that all sounds can be achieved at this studio. My trust in Eli Crews, for insight and as an engineer, runs deep.” – Vice Cooler (Kit, XBXRX, Hawnay Troof, The Raincoats, Modern Reveries)

“Eli and John are the perfect balance of knowledgeability and diplomacy, giving valuable (and spot-on) opinions when needed, and staying invisible (but invaluable) when not. The room is warm and cozy and medium-sized, neither a closet nor an airplane hanger, just right for a small ensemble to be able to play together.” – Joshua Raoul Brody (Tango No. 9)

“Our experience with Eli was fantastic. Great Studio. Killer Outboard Gear. Lots of toys and goodies around. He was sooo easy to work with and made the task of mixing an enjoyable experience. He also put in the extra work needed to get the songs in the can. For that, I am truly wow’d by New, Improved!” – Matthew Johnson (Birdman Records)

“New, Improved Recording contains the best of both the digital and analog worlds, along with a versatile room and Eli’s considerable engineering skills. But most valuable is the combination of personality and technical expertise that make it not just a recording studio, but a real creative space. It really helped bring the best out of us as musicians. And it didn’t break the bank, either.” – Bradley Skaught (The Bye Bye Blackbirds)

“Eli did such an incredible job, and yet is so casual about it all. He really makes you feel special. Recording in a ‘real’ studio is always potentially off-putting, what with being in a different place and feeling like you’re under the microscope. Some of that is unavoidable, but New, Improved doesn’t have that laboratory feel that sets me on edge. And so cheap! I’m a noted tightwad, yet I can’t help but feel like we’re ripping him off. We recorded 15 songs. Not bad for a day’s work.” – Colin Frangos (Ovipositor)